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Project Description
Easy ArcGIS Library is a set of C# .net classes that wrap the common functionality of ArcObjects, that help ArcGIS developers do a lot of common functions in less time and direct way.

ArcGIS is a complex system, that based internally on ArcObjects, To program with ArcObjects you have to work with thousands of classes and interfaces, and sometimes it is really time-consuming task to do some simple things.

They say that most people use 20% of software functionality 80% of times, Easy ArcGIS Library (EAGL) is an expample of the Facade pattern where you have a complex system (ArcObjects) and you want to cover this complexity with other set of classes.

This library tries to simplify ArcObjects, for example how many lines of code you need to get the visible fields of the layer named "rivers" in a map?
If you have programmed with ArcObjects you know what I mean.

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